Need a Coffee

The social purpose of our organisation is to provide a listening ear and support those in the community who may feel isolated, alone or segregated from the rest of the community.


During the week the Need a Coffee van is located:


We believe we have created an all inclusive environment for our Need a Coffee friends and the wider community.

The space is non-judgemental where our friends are free to connect, build and maintain their current relationships and create new, positive influences in their lives.

Our friends feel a part of something bigger than themselves, feel connected and included in society which in turn gives them a purpose in life.

People are connected with other services that can help them in many ways e.g legal advice, health advice, rental advice

The Need a Coffee van distributes food ‘gifts’ and personal care products in tough times and affordable, GREAT tasting coffee.

We provide a work experience environment for those who may not have the same opportunities available to them as others in our community and to those¬†who are rebuilding their lives after ‘crisis’ situations with ‘on the job’ experience.

Those who are completing their Diploma in Community service have also completed their community service hours with us at the Need a Coffee van.

We are providing a sense of community and opportunities to those in need.


The Need a Coffee van is funded by private donations, sponsorship and attending events outside our community service.

The Need a Coffee van is available for your next event!