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    • Thank you for your interest in becoming a Need a Feed volunteer!

      Need a Feed provides a range of services and hold a variety of fundraising events.
      We connect with those in need on a range of levels and partner with a lot of other organisations where our goal is to reach more people.
      Our aim is to Connect, Empower and Provide in times of need, without discrimination.
      Your help and feedback are appreciated and is very valuable for us to continue our community service.
      Our food storage facility, 'food pantry', is located at 191 Princes Hwy, Bulli, on the corner of Point St.





      If no, you can apply through Service NSW



      As a volunteer at Need a Feed/Need a Coffee, I will:

      • show respect and empathy always

      • be positive and friendly

      • acknowledge the importance of all individual contributions to the total effort

      • always demonstrate the volunteer ethic by being mindful of situations requiring attention or resolution

      • assist others to the best of my ability

      • respect all people I come in contact with regardless of their race, religion, colour or age

      • following safe practices and report any concerns in relation to health and safety

      • ensure confidentiality at all times

      • ensure I am not under the effects of drugs or alcohol while volunteering.

      • NO smoking whilst wearing the Need a Feed/Need a Coffee T-shirt or representing Need a Feed/Need a Coffee

      • provide feedback

      Confidentiality Agreement

      Whilst working as a volunteer with Need A Feed/Need a Coffee you may be required to collect personal information or to have access to personal information on (clients/staff/volunteers and their families.)
      This information must be kept confidential at all times, including after you have left Need A Feed/Need a Coffee.
      It is the responsibility of all Need A Feed/Need a Coffee volunteers to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of all clients, staff, volunteers and organisational information to which they have access.
      This includes ensuring the security of documents, files, computer data, photographs, technical data and other information which is the property of Need A Feed/Need a Coffee.
      If you have any questions regarding confidential information please seek prior advice from the
      Need a Feed CEO- Shaz Harrison OR Operations Manager -KP

      I agree that I will maintain at all times the confidentiality of all privileged or proprietary information to which I am exposed whilst working as a volunteer at Need A Feed/Need a Coffee and after exiting the program, whether this information involves a client, a paid staff person or other person, or involves overall agency business.
      I agree that should I be uncertain about the appropriate use of confidential information, I am to discuss this with the program coordinator.

      Audio, Photographic, Video, Social Media and Media

      It is the responsibility of volunteers to remove themselves if they do not wish to appear in photographic, video or audio recordings.
      Need a Feed/Need a Coffee reproduces written material, photographic images and videos individually and in groups in promotional material, publications, media, social media and the Need a Feed/Need a Coffee web site.
      These images are used to promote Need a Feed/Need a Coffee events and feature its activities.
      To be completed by volunteers who participate in any Need a Feed/Need a Coffee event involving written material photographic images, media, social media, video or audio recordings.
      I authorise Need a Feed/Need a Coffee to take and use any of my written material, photographs, videos or sound recordings of me and in any publication, production or presentation either in full or part, in conjunction with any wordings or drawings in any publication, production or presentation.
      I acknowledge I have no rights in or to the material, nor in any publication, production or presentation that includes the material.