Throughout the year Need a Feed supports local struggling families.

Need a Feed works in partnership with several organisations who connect us with families who need food support.

  1. Distribution Day –┬áSeveral times a year one of our partner organisations hosts the Distribution Day, bringing people together at this amazing event. We distribute hundreds and hundreds of food ‘gifts’ to those who are going through tough times and share a meal with people from all walks of life.
  2. Food Rescue – Each week the Need a Feed team attends the Foragers Market in Bulli to collect food from the stallholders. This food is then redistributed directly to local families in need and prepared for the Need a feed community lunches and other food programs.
  3. Community Lunch – The first Tuesday of each school holidays we hold a community lunch for locals in need of company, a cuppa and a chat. Some of the food that is collected at the Foragers Market, Bulli, is used for our community lunches.
  4. Food gift – Anyone in need can receive a food gift from Need a Feed. Food gifts are received via a referral system. Step 1. locate your closest Neighbourhood centre or community centre Step 2. Connect with them, they can then refer you to Need a Feed.
  5. Need a Coffee? – Our coffee van is located in the Wollongong Mall, Globe Lane – Monday to Friday 8am – 11.30am. We are available for your next event!