At Need a Feed we understand you.
We’re all about integrity and honesty and aim to provide a listening ear, supporting local families without discrimination in times of need.


Our vision for the future is to not only feed hundreds, but millions of families in times of need throughout Australia.

A word from Shaz

In my spare time I love focusing on my own family, camping, cooking and stand up paddle boarding. My family are so supportive, patient and understanding of my passion for helping others. One thing I need to remind myself of is to nurture my own family as well as others. I am constantly working on the Need a Feed/life balance and believe this is what I am supposed to be doing. The ‘planets have aligned’, some amazing situations have occured and the right people have crossed my path to make it happen and will continue to do so for the greater good.

I have also put my heart and soul into ensuring Need a Feed will become a household name and spent many hours late at night and early morning making it happen!

I WILL feed and support millions in need!

About us

At Need a Feed we support local families in times of need in a variety of ways, from providing food to personal care items and school supplies.

Need a Feed works in partnership with CareSouth, Barnardos Family Referral Service, Access Community Group, Darcy House, Ability Links, various Neighbourhood Centres, Rotary and the Lions & Rotary club.
These organisations connect us with families who need food support.

As well as our emergency food relief service, we hold “Need a Feed” events throughout the year, supplying food to hundreds of people on any one day via a ‘host’ organisation.

The journey so far…

Years ago Shaz Harrison-Shaw found herself struggling to put food on the table. She has since made it her mission to support families in the same position as she was.

Shaz, the Founder of Need a Feed, has a vision to ease the stress many families face and provide food relief to these struggling families.

Some solid partnerships have developed, helping us reach more people in need.
Our partner organisations connect us with families in need of food support.
The structure of the organisation has developed and will keep evolving over time.
We have been able to rescue food that would have otherwise gone to landfill, and pass it on to various neighbourhood centres and organisations for their community lunches.
Partnering and working together as a team helps us to help more local families in need.
Need a Feed has received much needed support with sponsors, businesses and individuals helping us to achieve our goals.

To date, Need a Feed has supported more than 7,500 families and distributed more than 55 tonnes of food!

We are honoured to be of service x

This is just the beginning…